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Spider Sandwiches

Yield1 Serving

Ooooh! Spooky! What kid doesn’t like a fun sandwich to eat?  Ours was inspired by the children’s e-book, "Spider Sandwiches" by Claire Freedman. Sure to elicit giggles from your small goblin, witch, or ghost, any filling you choose will do the trick. Everything else is Treat!


 Sliced white, wheat, or gluten-free bread
 Spreads: peanut or seed butter and jelly, hummus, or cream cheese (vegan or dairy)
 Pretzel sticks or gluten-free pretzel sticks
 Raisins, chocolate chips, or sliced black olives

Using a round cookie or pastry cutter, cut circles out of the bread. You need two circles per sandwich (one circle per slice of bread).


Apply your choice of spreads in a thin layer on one side of each circle.


Using 8 pretzels, arrange them as “legs” (4 on each side), placing them so that one-third of each pretzel rests on the bread, fanning out on either side. (See picture.)


Cover the bottom sandwich layer with the top, covering the circle with the “legs.”


Using raisins, chocolate chips, or sliced black olives, make “eyes” for the spider by using a dab of your spread on the eyes and placing them on the top circle.


Spiders never tasted this delicious!