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Reuben Sandwich

Yield1 Serving

To a great extent, the success of this classic sandwich depends upon the meat-substitute you decide to use. A couple of brand items that are popular in the United States are included here, but they are only two of many. A tasty Russian dressing is integral to any Reuben Sandwich.

reuben sandwich recipe

 1 tablespoon prepared mustard
 2 slices rye bread
 ¼ cup well-drained sauerkraut, or more to taste
 2 slices tomato
 3 slices Lightlife Smart Bacon or Fakin’ Bacon Tempeh Strips
 2 slices of vegan cheese (like smoked Gouda) or dairy cheese (such as Swiss or Havarti)
 Butter (vegan or dairy)
 Russian Dressing

Spread amount of mustard desired on each slice of bread. On one slice, arrange the remaining ingredients over mustard. Top with other slice, mustard-side down.


Butter the outside of the sandwich. Cook in a preheated panini grill, or cook in a skillet over medium-low heat until golden on one side. Flip and cook until second side is lightly browned and cheese is well melted.


Serve with Russian dressing on the side.

Serves 1