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Bubble Tea or Coffee

Yield1 Serving

Originating in Taiwan, this milk-based treat has delighted the world for a number of years. Always containing tapioca pearls, it can be made plain, fruity, or with flavored syrups and seasonings. It can even be made with coffee instead of black or green tea. It is a cold, creamy drink that refreshes and delights.

Bubble Tea or Coffee

Milk Bubble Tea Ingredients (Per Beverage)
 1 cup black, green, or flavored tea of choice, cooled (per beverage)
 ½ cup milk, plant-based or dairy
 4-5 ice cubes
Coffee Boba (Bubble Drink) Ingredients (Per Beverage)
 1 cup strong coffee, cooled
 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup (optional)
 ½ cup milk, plant-based or dairy
 4-5 ice cubes
Tapioca Pearl Ingredients (Per Beverage)
 3 cups water
  cup quick-cooking dried (boba) tapioca pearls
 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, honey or sugar
Fruit-flavored Blended Boba Ingredients (Per Beverage)
 1 cup fresh fruit (berries, peaches, bananas, etc.)
 ½ cup milk, plant-based or dairy
 1-2 scoops ice cream of choice

Make tea or coffee with optional chocolate syrup and set aside to cool.


In a medium saucepan (or larger if making more than one serving), bring the water to a boil over high heat. Add the tapioca and stir gently until they begin to float to the top. Turn heat to medium and cover the pot. Simmer for 3 minutes. Turn off heat, but leave the pan covered for 3 minutes.


Test a pearl to see if it is soft enough for your preference. If not, recover pan and let sit for two more minutes.


Drain tapioca and place in a small bowl. Add your preferred sweetener. Toss gently to cover.


If making the fruit-flavored boba drink, place the fruit, milk, and ice cream in a blender. Blend until smooth. Add a small amount of additional milk to thin, if desired.


To assemble beverage, place the tapioca in a large glass.


Add the tea, coffee, or blended beverage to the glass. Serve immediately with a wide straw and a spoon.


Tapioca must be used immediately, or within 2 hours. If the pearls sit for longer, they will become mushy. If you refrigerate them, they become hard.

Be creative. You can use any beverage recipe and add tapioca pearls to the bottom of your beverage glass to make a bubble drink.

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