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Combat Anxiety with Meditation

Dr. Kunwarjit Singh Duggal, MD

During these tumultuous times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of information that can leave our heads spinning. Each article we come across seems to increase anxiety levels and leave us feeling more and more scared for the immediate future.

We are being told stay at home and completely change our way of life. Norms of family life, school and work have all been turned upside down. Even the basic idea of providing food has become a journey into the unknown as we brandish masks and gloves simply to get groceries and other essentials. Confined to our homes, we turn on the news with minute to minute updates that continue to worsen our fear levels.

We need this to STOP!

We look out and see instability in every direction. What is one to do? We need to look WITHIN!

The steady force of peace that is omnipresent exists within each and every one of us. We can tap into this force of peace and calmness through meditation.

For centuries saints and spiritual masters have spoken on how looking within allows us to connect with the true source of all creation and give us peace. This inner peace, in turn, emanates into all of our being and radiates into our surroundings, causing a positive rippling effect that can help others and our entire society.

As we are all being called to self-quarantine, we have the opportunity to use this time to better ourselves. Meditation allows this by increasing feelings of positivity which beget higher levels of mental and emotional health.

Science has recently been very active into the study of meditation and mental health, and the conclusions have been astoundingly affirmative: Meditation makes us feel better! Mentally and emotionally, meditation has been proven to improve our mood, decrease levels of stress and anxiety, decrease depression, boost feelings of positivity and calm, and enhances feelings of spiritual connectedness.

Physically, meditation has been found to decrease pain, decrease stress hormones, decrease blood pressure, better regulate blood sugars, improve digestion, and improve healthy cognition. Lower stress levels give our immune systems the healthy boost they currently so desperately need to help us fight off the Covid-19 virus that is causing so much harm.

In addition to self-quarantine and improved hygiene, the most important thing we can do for our physical bodies at this time is to boost up our immune systems. Meditation is a key part of this by reducing cortisol’s effects on the body.

Eating healthy and plant-based food enhance our ability to fend off illness. Proper sleep is also very important for enhancing our immune systems. In combination, by meditating, consuming plant-based foods and getting enough sleep, we can build up our defense system against physical illness.

We must all do our best to keep ourselves healthy not only for ourselves but also to reduce the risk of spread to anyone else. Let’s all start taking back control by going within!

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