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“This year did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations from Arran Stephens and Arjan Stephens of Nature’s Path Foods and the “Learn to Meditate” workshop. I LOVED the food at the Art of Dosa food booth. It was reasonably priced, gluten-free, vegetarian and mouth- wateringly delicious. The live music and free yoga classes were great too!” 

Alison V

“Enjoyed the Veggie Fest so much that I went two days on the same weekend! Really, I had no choice. There were so many items I wanted to try, and being one person, I couldn’t possibly eat everything in one day—so I brought food home!”

Christina S 

“As festivals go, this is one of the best. I picked up so much health information relative to the vegetarian diet and to the importance of non-GMO organic vegetables and oils made from vegetables. There was a real eye-opening talk by the CEO of Nature’s Path Foods. Also, loved the meditation and learned to reduce stress and build inner connection to my Divine self. The food was excellent (so many varieties and high quality). Live musicians performed original hits. Lots of fun. ”

Bruce F

“Great place for vegans and vegetarians! Tons of booths to get food to order, as well food demos, tons of items to purchase, and plenty of samples! I came back with a full belly, lots of great knowledge, and way too much organic and vegan food…”


Sara T 

“I’ve been to the Veggie Fest for the last several years. I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, but I love this event. I always enjoy trying various vegetarian foods . . . and everything I have ever had there was DELICIOUS!! There are also a lot of booths giving away stuff or giving information. I like it . . . a lot!”

Yvonne M

“I love Veggie Fest and look forward to it the whole year! We always have great food and there are tons of samples. I look forward to the unique vendors. My kids used to love the kids’ tent, but they have outgrown that. There is even a playground on site. Yes, it is packed, but it is a free event and everything is veggie!!”


Mindy G

“Great all family fest! I really like all the activities, especially those for kids. Giveaways and information given are awesome too. We will definitely make it every year.”

Mari Q

“Love this fest, great for all, not just vegetarians. Great place for the family/kids. Lots of options/lectures worth every minute, free parking, free admission. Kid-activities great, entertainment awesome . . . Easy to get food tickets . . . Everyone there is nice. It was a real fun time.”

Traci T

“I look forward to the Veggie Fest every year. I love the vibe. It feels really positive all around. Each year it gets even bigger which makes for slightly longer lines, but I still received all my food in a timely manner. The Buddha bowl was really good. This year they made a beautiful flower wall on each side of the fest entrance. It was really cool. Will be back next year!”

Margo M

“Great environment, long lines moved fast. The food was delicious and the prices were great with free admission and free parking on top of that. I look forward to returning. This will be my go-to food festival. I liked it a lot more then festivals in the city.”

Angelica R

“Amazing food and arrangements. Hats off to SOS for arranging such a big event . . . Being a vegetarian is not that tough when you know about so many good choices as displayed in this festival. It was the first time for me there with my family, and everyone enjoyed. The keynote speakers were icing on the cake. Looking forward to next year!”

Monika A

“Fun time! This was the third time I attended the Veggie Fest. Very informative and so many food samples. Food court had amazing dishes for all. Would highly recommend even if you are not a vegan/vegetarian.”

Lana K

“What an awesome festival! Great vendors with TONS of free stuff and giveaways! Amazing food I’ve never tried before. Huge crowd turnout. I doubt they expected this many people! I could see them expanding this for next year. Cannot beat the free admission and free parking!”

Lisa B

“Awesome, wanted to go back for day 2 but didn’t get a chance. Need more events like this at bigger venues that last longer. I stayed 5 hours there and probably could have spent all day.”

Andrei K

“LOVE the Veggie Fest. Been attending for 4 yrs. The food vendors are AMAZING! So much good food. I love that so many countries are represented by their food.”

Kristen E

“This was my first time at the event. It was very nice, very well-organized, lots of samples given. Excellent band playing. Prices were very reasonable. Lots of beautiful people. Lots of coupons given . . . I’ll be back next year.”

Sherman O

“Veggie Fest is by far the best fest. I loved just about every second I was there.”

Cristie F 

“Absolutely marvelous time. Great food, great music, free parking. Had a blast!”

Robert T

“Great event! Family friendly festival! There’s something for everyone. Lots of cool booths and freebies. Lots of things to learn from like yoga, meditation and healthy cooking. Good music. Friendly volunteers. Parking available. Fun, fun, fun!”

Edjedash D

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