International Food Court

Our unparalleled food court offers over 25 food booths, specializing in cuisines from around the world with options for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets.

Tickets can be purchased outside the Food Court for $1 per ticket with cash or credit card. An ATM will also be located on site.

 (GF) – Gluten Free        (V) – Vegan

VeggieFest Food Court Acai Heaven.

Acai Heaven

Hawaiian-Style Acai Bowl (V) (GF)
Chocolate & Red Berries Acai Bowl (V) (GF)

VeggieFest Food Court Beyond Burger

Beyond Burger

Beyond Burger w/ or w/o Fries (V)

VeggieFest Food Court Boba Blast

Boba Blast

Taro Milk Tea (V) (GF)
Thai Milk Tea (GF)


Buddha Bowls

Classic Buddha Bowl (Mostly Organic) w brown rice or quinoa (V) (GF)
Samurai Budhha Bowl (Mostly Organic) w brown rice or quinoa (V) (GF)
Healthy Buddha’s Protein Bowl (V) (GF)


Caribbean Kitchen

Original Veggie Chicken & Fried Rice (V)
Spicy Veggie Chicken & Fried Rice (V)


Chinese Palace

Chinese Plate (Dry Veggies with Tofu, Noodles, and Spring Roll) (V)

VeggieFest Food Court Coney Island Treats

Coney Island Treats

Corn Dogs (V)
Chili Dog (V)
Hot Dog (V)


Cool Drinks

Lemonade (V) (GF)
Berry Patch (V) (GF)


Cool Smoothies

Berry Blast (V) (GF)
Strawberry Banana (GF)
Mango Madness (GF)
Tropical Green (V) (GF)


Decadent Desserts

Hot Fudge Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream (V)
Cheesecake (V)

VeggieFest Food Court Fresh Cappuccino

Fresh Cappuccino

Frozen Cappuccino – Mocha (V) (GF)
Frozen Cappuccino – French Vanilla (V) (GF)

VeggieFest Food Court Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

Watermelon (V) (GF)
Mango (Kesar or Alphonso) (V) (GF)
Coconut (V) (GF)


Fries Your Way

Corn on the Cob (V) (GF)
Regular Fries (V)
Seasoned Fries (V)
Spiral Fries on a Stick (V) (GF)
Sweet Potato Fries (V) (GF)

VeggieFest Food Court Greek Street Food

Greek Street Food

Gyro Sandwich (V)
Falafel Sandwich (V)

VeggieFest Food Court Mac Philly

Mac & Philly’s Cheese Shack

Reuben Sandwich
Philly Cheesesteak (V)


Masala Street

Chole Bhatura (V)
Tikki Samosa Chole
Chai Tea (GF)


Mumbai Munchies

Raj Kachori
Papdi Chaat
Sprout Chaat (Organic) (V) (GF)
Bhel Puri (V)


Organic Salad Oasis

Thai Crunch Salad with Sriracha Cashew Dressing (Organic) (V) (GF)
Mediterranean Salad (V) (GF)


Pizza Con Amore

Cheese Pizza Slice
Veggie Pizza Slice
Vegan Sausage & Peppers Slice (V)
Vegan BBQ Chicken Slice (V)

VeggieFest Food Court Premium Italian Ice Cream

Premium Italian Ice Cream

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato (V) (GF)
Fresh Mango Sorbetto (V) (GF)
Toasted Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip (V) (GF)
Strawberry Banana (V) (GF)


Sizzlin’ Veg Kabobs

Sizzlin’ Veg Kabobs
Sizzlin’ Vegan Kabobs (V)


Sweet Bliss Delights

Beignets (V)
Apple Strudel Bites with Vanilla Ice Cream (V)


Taco Truck

Sweet Vegan Pork Taco (V) (GF)
Tangy Vegan Beef Tacos (V) (GF)

VeggieFest Food Court Innergy

Taste of Innergy

Teriyaki Ramen Bowl (V) (GF)
Mexican Fiesta Bowl (V) (GF)


The Art of Dosa

Masala Dosa (V) (GF)


The Freshest Juices

Turmeric Ginger Shot (1oz) (V) (GF)
Organic Cleanser (5oz, 10oz) (V) (GF)
Organic Zinger (5oz, 10oz) (V) (GF)
Organic Purifier (5oz, 10oz) (V) (GF)
Organic Five Alive (5oz, 10oz) (V) (GF)
Organic Shot of Greens (1oz, 5oz) (V) (GF)

Wings Without Chickens

Buffalo Chicken Wings (V) 
BBQ Chicken Wings (V)

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