Family Fun

Designed and managed by professional educators, the Veggie Fest children’s program provides a rewarding and enjoyable experience for kids of all ages.

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Veggie Fest is a family event, with fun and educational activities that adults can share with their children. The Children’s Tent includes 1) an entire section of the grounds dedicated to activities and entertainment for your children, and 2) a separate play area for parents to relax with babies and toddlers

Activities at the Children’s Tent

VeggieFest Family Fun Face Painting

Face Painting

Children ages 2-14 can get a fruit, vegetable, or other design painted on their face or hand. We only use high-quality non-toxic face paint.

VeggieFest Family Fun Games


We have, Bubbles, Origami, and Beading for children of all ages.

VeggieFest Family Fun Music And Plays

Music & Plays

Enjoy with your children the performers on the Children’s Tent Stage.

VeggieFest Family Fun Crafts


Help your children with interactive and fun crafts that provide information on the vegetarian diet.

VeggieFest Family Fun Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Delight in a picture opportunity with a veggie-friendly setting. Take your child’s picture with some cute props and backgrounds.

Kids Parade

Join the Parade - Saturday Only

On Saturday only, children 0-14 years are invited to participate in the Vegi-kids Parade. Come dressed as your favorite vegetable or animal and join in the fun. If you don’t have a costume, we have masks for everyone! Use your creativity and join in our costume contest. There will be exciting prizes for everyone in the parade. Participation is FREE.

Learn to Meditate for Families 

Sat & Sun at the Learn to Meditate Tent

Take a few minutes to visit the Learn to Meditate for Families tent near the Children’s Activity tent. Here your children can practice some fun “concentrate and focus” activities.

Parents, this is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn about how meditation can help your children. You might even want to try meditating as a family.

VeggieFest Family Fun Meditation For Families
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