Safety at Veggie Fest

Veggie Fest is following the guidance of local, regional and national authorities regarding safety and security.

We want every guest to feel safe at the festival. If you have an immediate need while on-site, make your way to the Administration tent (C1) where the Safety team and police can be notified.

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Oh There You Are!

Come On In

    Veggie Fest 2021 canceled

    Because COVID-19 continues to be a concern for all our communities—locally and globally—we’ve decided to cancel the festival for 2021. If you’re pining for the great taste and inspiration that Veggie Fest offers, we’re only a click away. Visit our website, enjoy the new fresh recipes, articles and blogs, Meditation Jumpstart program and 21-day Veg Challenge. Stretch out in a bit of sunshine, remember the good times, and share the love that makes Veggie Fest such a special part of your life!

    –The Veggie Fest team