A Holiday Breakfast Bar

Enjoy the Morning with a Holiday Breakfast Bar

When the holidays arrive, time is short and tasks are long, but we still need to serve meals to our family!

A Holiday Breakfast Bar is just the thing to make any gathering easy-peasy and cele-breezy, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, Divali, Hanukkah, New Year’s Day, Easter, or any special morning for that matter.

With a little planning, you can set out a beautiful meal and still have time to spend with family and friends!

The backdrop to your breakfast bar begins with seasonal flowers, candles, twinkle lights or greenery. Once you’ve set the stage, everything you serve will look and taste amazing. Although paper plates or everyday dishes can be used, for the holidays, why not set out your special china? Do this prep work the night before so that everything else will come together in a few blinks + one stir of the pot.

Everyone loves a hearty bowl of oatmeal. Our recipe can be made in a slow cooker, which means you can start it the night before and have it piping hot and ready to serve your hungry family and guests in the morning. Set out bowls and assorted toppings, including fresh and dried fruits, nuts, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Don’t forget to put out a small pitcher of plant-based milk or creamer.

Steel Cut Oats Wb
Steel Cut Oats

A bowl of fresh whole fruit or a pretty fruit salad, such as our Piña Colada Fruit Salad, is always welcome. Filled with the tropical goodness of mangos, fresh pineapple, coconut, and a simple yogurt dressing, it’s easy to assemble.

pina colada fruit salad recipePiña Colada Fruit Salad

Create a bagel feast by placing a platter of assorted split bagels and breads on your bar. Set up a toaster or two for people to prepare their breads.

Everyone loves bagels with a good shmear. If you are vegan, finding a variety of flavored cream cheese is difficult. And most vegan cream cheeses, while tasty, are either unflavored or expensive. Why not make your own? We have you covered with this easy-to-make Bagel Shmear. Select any of the suggested flavors or get creative by adding anything that sounds tasty.

Use the suggested quantities in the recipe and sub things like mini chocolate chips, dried cranberries, dried apricots, dried cherries, or a variety of fresh herbs from your garden.

The opportunities for new flavors are almost limitless!

gel-Shmear,-Veganized-WbBagels and Shmear

After displaying the bagels and breads, serve the spreads in small bowls with butter knives, if you have them. Add some nut or seed butters, jams, and jellies.

Beyond coffee and tea, fruit juice is also a nice addition to your breakfast bar. However, you may want to mix up a smoothie and serve from a pitcher. Add a splash of sunshine to your morning with this delicious, protein-infused tropical smoothie.

ropical-Sunshine-Smoothie-smTropical Sunshine Smoothie

Putting a pretty breakfast bar together for a special holiday isn’t labor intensive, but it will look so pretty and taste so good that everyone will be happy—including the busy chef!

— Cheers from the Veggie Fest Team

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