Veganize Plenty in 2020!

That was fast. Like always, another year has gone by. Not only do we have a lot to look forward to, but we also have a lot to look back at, to cherish and be grateful for. . . 2019 saw many great things in the vegan world. Let’s take a look at some wonderful events that amazed us.

  1. A record-breaking 250,310 people in 190 countries pledged to go vegan in January 2019, according to new statistics released by campaign Veganuary.
  2. Veggie Fest Chicago welcomed 45,000 people in August 2019. (A big thank you to all you fine folks!)
  3. A United Nations report warned that catastrophic climate change is on its way unless Westerners drastically reduce consumption of animals and animal products. (This was big!)
  4. During 2019, Walt Disney World and Disneyland added more than 400 vegan and vegetarian menu items at the restaurants in its theme parks.
  5. A phenomenal documentary, The Game Changers, was released which changed the way many sceptics thought about the vegan diet. Famous personalities, athletes, and mainstream folks have switched to a vegan diet after watching the facts unfold in this mind-blowing documentary.
  6. New York public schools have banned all processed meat. (Yay!)
  7. This might just have been the year that vegan fast food went mainstream. Some of the top fast-food industry brands upped their V-game and launched vegan items into their menu. Here is a short list of the brands we couldn’t thank enough!

•   Burger King’s “Impossible Whopper”

•   Dunkin’ Donuts’ “Beyond Meat Sausage Breakfast Sandwich”

•  Del Taco’s “Beyond Taco” and “Epic Beyond Cali Burrito”

•  Pizza Hut’s “Incogmeato,” a substitute for Italian sausage

• Beyond Meat Burgers at Carl Jr’s, Hardee’s, & McDonald’s

  1. Gautam Buddha University in North India will ditch meat on campus and veganize nearly one million (960,000) meals a year.
  2. Many car brands like Tesla, Volkswagen, and Bentley are making their cars more environmentally friendly by offering fully vegan leather-free interiors.
  3. California became the first state to ban fur.

The list goes on and on, but one thing is for certain: 2019 was a year that proved how, little-by-little, our physical, mental, and emotional health—as well as the health of planet earth—can be restored by eating a whole food, plant-based diet.  The vegan lifestyle is also good for the animals—mammals, birds, and fish—that share the planet with us. It’s a choice that acknowledges the right for animals to exist without fear and degradation.

2020 is gearing up to be yet another exciting year, full of great accomplishments in the vegan world. Here are a few things that will make you excited for 2020.

  1. Veganuary is back and this time in San Diego. Celebrate Veganuary with Vegans, Baby! and Vegan in San Diego with lots of vegan food options across San Diego County for the whole month of January 2020! Participating restaurants will donate a portion of the proceeds from every Veganuary dish to Veganuary and to Vegan in San Diego, Inc. — a San Diego based 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making it easier to be vegan in our county.
  2. Vegan Unity Day on February 1st. Vegan Unity Day is a peaceful, social movement with the aim of uniting vegans everywhere in a day of advocacy and activism, to create a better world for all living things.
  1. Veggie Fest Chicago will be back again on August 8th and 9th from 11 am to 8 pm. We look forward to seeing you all there!veggie fest 2019 drone view

We’re looking forward to our vegan journey throughout 2020. Each one of you contributes to all the good things that have happened and all the amazing things that are going to happen. We really hope and pray that with your support and love, we at Veggie Fest Chicago can continue being a small part of all the big things happening. Happy New Year!

To stay up-to-date on all things vegan and vegetarian, check out our blog section. We also post delish vegan recipes every week, so make sure to give our recipe section a look-see! Last but not the least, we are holding (free) vegan cooking classes and talks about how to lead a vegan lifestyle for any old-timey vegans or those transitioning. There are also weekly talks and workshops about meditation at the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois. To find out more, check out our Events section.

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