10 Healthy Ways to Use Matcha

There are all sorts of ways to boost your health and well-being. Many of them are not reliable, reputable, or scientifically sound. (Remember the grapefruit diet?) However, some of them have more ancient roots than any of us realize, and just because science hasn’t gotten around to studying them thoroughly doesn’t mean that they aren’t good for us.

Take matcha, for example. How many people have heard of it? Maybe some have, especially if they are tea drinkers. Matcha is an ancient Japanese tea ingredient that’s been used in ceremonies and customs of that culture for centuries. The dictionary defines matcha as: powdered green tea leaves, dissolved in hot water to make tea or used as a flavoring.

Matcha leaves are tea leaves that are also used as an ingredient in recipes. Matcha is chock-full of antioxidants—even more so than traditional green tea.

Ready to learn more? Read “10 Healthy Ways to Use Matcha” and be sure to scroll down to the beautiful infographic:


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