Eating meat has ‘dire’ consequences for the planet, says report

To feed a growing global population and curtail climate change, scientists say we need to radically change our food systems.
This article, published by National Geographic, and written by Sarah Gibbens, captures summaries from several scientific research studies documenting the critical need and benefits that will come from transitioning to a greater reliance on plant based vegetarian and vegan based agriculture to feed the world. Certainly, an important awareness and hopefully another inspiration for all of us to reduce or eliminate meat consumption!
There are lots of important reasons to adopt a plant- based diet,and the scientists who performed this research have uncovered yet another critical reason for the sustainability of the world we reside in. These scientists are anxious for change and to be worldwide influencers at a global level. Reasons such as production yield to meet the greater needs of our growing population to exerting more control over the global warming impact that results from meat and dairy production drive their agenda. This is not ground- breaking information because the conclusions arrived at have been in print many times before. That’s good, because a transition this great needs all the validation and science available to impact a world so heavily dependent on a meat based diet.
Research studies such as the ones referenced in this study will have a hard time providing enough stimulus to change society on the level needed. However, the springboard already actively exists in our communities to consume green and leafy and you all have made it so. Even 10 years ago, considering something like this would gain precious little attention. Things have changed so much, and it’s because of the driving passion to be healthy and to live lives which are more humane, morefulfilling, and more broadly spiritual.
We have laid the foundation for a viable and sustainable agricultural economy, and we all should be proud of our pioneering and celebrate our contribution to that change.
– Jamie Smith for Veggie Fest – The largest celebration of a Vegetarian/Vegan way of life

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