Veggie Fest Recipes

We are dedicated to providing you with some of the best vegan and vegetarian recipes from cuisines all over the world. Enjoy our growing collection of recipes from renowned chefs who just love food!

Scrambled TofuBy Veggie Fest TeamA fast and reliable standby that makes an appealing high-protein meal! Scrambled tofu lends itself to many variations and is delicious when served in pita bread or on toast.
Tofu Vegetable DeluxeBy Veggie Fest TeamIn partnership with Veggie Fest Presents and DuPage County Convention Bureau, Chef Gaetan demonstrates this savory and delicious dish. First presented at Veggie Fest 2013 by Ray Glend, Tofu Vegetable Deluxe is a great introductory recipe to cooking with tofu.
Spicy ChiliBy Veggie Fest TeamA hearty pot of chili, quick and easy to prepare, is perfect for feeding a large group. Crunchy corn chips and a bowl of guacamole are perfect complements. 
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